The Pandemic Puzzle


WARNING: long post!

I share this, because both in my personal network and to an extent on my public pages, I have been rather vocal about my skepticism and critical stance regarding Covid since the beginning of it all. And every so often, someone will ask me for my motivations for saying or believing what I do. This is an attempt to sum it up, and offer a few leads for anyone who might be interested in looking more into things.

Sometimes when I look at the world these days, I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or simply push a huge primal scream in utter frustration! Mostly, I just linger somewhere between all of that. But I am genuinely puzzled. How, in the space of a few months, did the entire world turn into a sort of Theater of The Absurd being played out in real time? How, in such a short time, did generalized hypochondria and obsessive sanitary behavior suddenly become normalcy???

Yes, I’m referring to Covid-19 of course. This global disaster which plunged the world into fear and uncertainty in the beginning of the year. Luckily, we now have a vaccine. Which will SAVE us all from the fear, panic, terror and death otherwise lurking at every corner of our streets! Except, of course, I’m not buying it. I’m not buying the apocalyptic narrative being pushed on us by authorities and media alike. I don’t believe the scaremongering propaganda, and I refuse to let it rule my mind, much less my life! Something in all of this is just not right.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly is going on. It’s like a gut feeling, really. My intuition is telling me in no uncertain terms, that something in all of this is off. But very, very off. I observe several things, that just seem…well, odd to say the least and some of them downright nonsensical. And nonsensical things always makes me wonder 😉

Add to that a number of curious things going on at ‘higher’ levels (WHO among others), blatantly lying politicians and public censoring of dissenting voices and you have a context that should raise a red flag for anyone.

Cracking Nuts With A Sledgehammer.
So, we have a virus that clearly is dangerous mainly for the very old and immuno-depressed (like all diseases…). Bill Gates himself, more on him later, says that MOST people who get this will be fine (his own exact words in one of his interviews). The numbers are somewhat high, yet it’s not like we’re dealing with the plague, people lying dead in the streets and a mortality rate across the spectrum of 50 %….so why is it that we freak out like we do this particular time? Why are we shutting down entire countries and quarantining EVERYone? Couldn’t we just have quarantined the high risk group and put measures in places regarding those?

We went from ‘we need to flatten the curve’ to ‘NOONE must get it at all until we have a vaccine’ – with all the focus being on how to AVOID catching the disease. But why is that so important, when most people will combat it naturally? Why aren’t we talking about immune systems and their age old role in protecting us? How about nutrition and lifestyle choices that either support or erode health? Why don’t we let the virus circulate in society and have as many of those who can handle it (the overwhelming majority!) get it and let people build natural immunity that way?

Instead authorities command everybody to hide behind masks, obsessively sanitize their hands, stay 6 feet apart, walk like ducks in a row in the streets and what not. For a virus that the vast majority of those infected experience as mild or even asymptomatic. Anything seem out of proportion here?

Alongside this are the legal issues. New legislation rushed through in the very early stages of lockdown – to make sure that the state has legal authority to FORCEFULLY vaccinate or isolate people, should someone not voluntarily follow orders. This was put in place way before a vaccine was even remotely in sight. Why was it necessary to pass a law for this so far in advance? Could it be, that they needed to do it at the peak of the scare, when the fear and insecurity rhetoric made sure it would be voted and people wouldn’t object? Because something like that wouldn’t pass at a calmer moment? And why do they even need this? NO medical decisions should be forced on anyone! (Also there were already laws in place for psychiatric patients and such, not that I even agree with those, but they are there). These new laws are for any random citizen. Not good. Not good at all.

Manipulation And Propaganda.
The numbers. Let’s have a quick look at those. Numbers that have been manipulated to suit the narrative. In Denmark, it was revealed at one point that the national health committee had made “a mistake” in calculating the transmission rate saying it was 2,5 when in fact it was only 1,6…definitely makes the decision to lock everything down look more necessary and better for sure. Then there’s the massive testing, which obviously drives up the number of cases, but the majority of these are still mild or asymptomatic. Yet, these numbers keep being put forward as the reason for continued restrictions. In France, several doctors and scientists are calling out how the statistics are being instrumentalized to push an agenda and back government decisions.

How about the way to even count the Covid deaths? My guess is that most countries do it this way, but for sure the USA, DK and Italy count all deaths, even if Covid isn’t actually the cause in itself, but more like ‘a last straw’ on top of a number of comorbidities. Yes, the disease was still fatal, but why the need to count so largely? Could it be that there is a will to blow up the numbers to make it look worse than it is? More dangerous?

The Vaccination Scheme.
Overemphasizing risk. Chasing cases. Building fear in the minds of people. Now why would someone want to do that? Who could possibly benefit from such a thing? Enter the vaccine agenda. Oh, the number of questions you can ask with relation to the omnipresent and (in)famous Bill Gates! To start with: why has he been ALL over the place ALL the time like a new worldwide guru? Bill Gates says, Bill Gates thinks, according to Bill Gates and so on and so on. During the first months of the p(l)andemic, hardly a day would pass without a new declaration from this oracle. But who is this guy?

Well, his agenda for the past 10 years has been to sell as many vaccines as possible. That’s a fact. He is Mr. Vaccine himself. Now you can agree with the vaccine-paradigm as a whole or not, but with regards to Covid it is indisputably being pushed heavily as THE only solution…like we “won’t get back to normal” until a vaccine is here and EVERYone gets it. His words. It’s like a f****** mantra. Why are virtually all world leaders repeating that same sentence…”a new normal”…”things won’t get back to normal”….? Gates talks about 7 billion doses of vaccine. The entire earth’s population!! For a virus that the majority of people have to be tested for, to even know they have. A virus which kills less than 1% of those who get it. Meaning that 99% of people pull through…without a vaccine.

Here’s a visual that shows all the financial ties of Bill Gates. The guy has tentacles like everywhere 😅

Skewed Priorities.
All deaths are sad, from this or other things, but why is a virus that kills this “few” (compared to other diseases, in the big picture) suddenly presented as the apocalypse? Gates at one point tweeted something along the lines of “humanity has never had a more urgent task than reaching immunity from Covid”…wait, I mean…what??? That’s just ridiculous, sorry. Famine, poverty, human trafficking, destruction of our own habitat – yeah there are loads of urgent tasks out there, but THIS is the one we should all go crazy about?!

Collateral Damage.
Truckloads of small business owners, craftsmen, artists and other independent workers are sacrificed in the name of ‘civicism’ and we are supposed to just accept is as “necessary” for the common good. Entire populations are being placed in economic slavery for generations to come, by unscrupulous governments handing out financial “aid” to compensate an economic disaster generated by their own abusive actions! And we are expected to be thankful and gladly trade our freedom for lifelong dependency on Big Brother. But hey, these are Covid times and as good old Metallica would put it – nothing else matters.

The Dubious Case of Big Pharma.
I think Big Pharma has ALWAYS had dubious (even criminal) activities and clearly they have huge financial interests in sick people (the market for drugs) and also in vaccines. This doesn’t change regarding Covid. So, when I observe the vaccine agenda being pushed as heavily and largely as it is – by manufactures, by authorities…well, I see huge warning signs. Those not yet intellectually paralyzed by the ongoing, public brainwashing should look into the 2009 swine flu scandal (in short, turns out WHO had ties to GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine producer). That vaccine was disastrous for many. 2009 was also the year when WHO coincidentally changed their definition for when something qualifies as a pandemic. And now the world is ready to do the whole thing over again? Rush through a vaccine, keep the manufacturers free from liability (side effects or deaths ) plus now ushering in laws that set the legal frame for mandatory vaccinations. Well, I don’t know about you, but all that for sure has me thinking. And what I think is that it stinks. Way worse than a mink farm.

Tin Foil?
I’m well aware that by now, you’re probably thinking I’m just another conspiracy theorist. By all means, think away. But maybe save some mental energy to actually look into these things for yourself. Just be prepared for a rude awakening! Ask yourself if you really think an industry that lives off of people being sick, would purely have ONLY your best interests at heart? Or if it is indeed possible, even just remotely, that there could be corruption, greed, cynicism and ill intentions also within the Big Pharma universe. If money or power can sometimes trump basic human decency. If someone would ever put their personal interests above ethics or morality. It happened in 2009, I don’t know what makes someone think it couldn’t be happening now. These people don’t care about you or me or anyone else. They care about money and wrap it in philanthropy and “concern”. I call BS, excuse my French 😑

For an entry into the Big Pharma rabbit hole, here’s an interview with Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, author of the book Deadly Medecines and Organised Crime to get you started. Beware though, once you enter, it goes deep.

To be clear, I’m not saying there is no virus (I know some hold this view). I think the disease is real. Just no where near as dangerous as it’s being made out to be. I absolutely believe some are getting sick, and some even very sick. It’s always like that in flu season. Kills a huge bunch of people every single year. Yet we haven’t locked down and stripped people of basic civil rights before. Or invented all sorts of random and absurd “preventive” measures. Or violated the Constitution. Until this.

For the record, I am not even anti-vaccine as such. My kids have gotten basic vaccinations and we choose certain specific ones for traveling, sometimes. I’m just very minimalist (in this too). I take only, what I really think is absolutely necessary. And I’m very much anti-forcing anything on anybody, that’s for sure. So that’s the main thing. Though the more I read about vaccines, the more I do become skeptical of the whole concept. But that’s a sidetrack.

Not My New Normal.
One of the leading figures in all of this, here in Denmark, a doctor from a renown hospital was recently in the media saying we should probably expect to maintain all of these measures for TWO MORE YEARS. Two years!!! Now THAT is plain madness. Let me ask you this: is this really the world you want to live in? A world where frantic attempts to avoid disease at all costs are setting the agenda for everything else. A world in which “social distancing” becomes the standard framework, because other human beings are to be seen first and foremost as potential threats to keep at bay. A world where obsessional sanitizing and mask wearing is the norm, in a bizarre bid to defy nature and place humanity on the steps of immortality. You might think that sounds like a field day. Not me.

I also think this fear-based, continually unstable daily life has to have serious psychological repercussions on the current young generation. Kids being made to wash and sanitize hands a million times a day, subjected to invasive testing every single time someone in their class catches the infection, deprived of extra-curricular activities, birthday celebrations or visiting grandparents on every new whim of the powers that be. If we end up with an entire generation of neurotics down the road, well….

The Issue With Power.
If measures are to be taken, which strongly limit or annihilate our civil rights and individual freedom, these can’t be crafted like they’re pulled out of a hat or from a Chinese fortune cookie. You can’t just spit out restrictions and decrees, like you’re playing Simon Says with the population. That’s abusive, and utterly ridiculous – and no one, by their Godgiven rights as a free and sovereign being, is required to submit themselves to that. People are human beings, not pawns on a political chess board. We have brains, and we’re entitled to use them, not simply follow orders regardless of whether these make sense or not. Yet, from the start, governments worldwide have imposed both illogical, incoherent and useless measures on their populations. Bullying and threatening people into complying. From heavy-handedly controlling public spaces to micro-managing peoples personal lives.

In a free country, this is highly problematic. Either we are in presence of an extremely dangerous virus, which warrants these things, or we’re not. And from the looks – and stats – of it, we’re not. If we were, this continuous brainwashing and coercing of people into adopting “lifesaving” measures wouldn’t be necessary. People would quarantine, wear protective gear and get tested all on their own. Believe it or not the majority of folks don’t walk around with a death wish, neither for themselves or others.

But we don’t have this situation. What we do have, for sure, is a strangely concerted effort from governments worldwide, to act as if doomsday is upon us. And a multi-billionaire whose eyes light up like a kid on Christmas Eve, whenever he utters the word ‘vaccine’. For some of us, that’s just not good enough to justify the immense violations of individual freedom and personal responsibility that we’ve seen over the past year.

love & light

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